[mono-vb] how to compiler vb .Net 1.1

gunawan chang gunawanlinux at gmail.com
Tue May 13 21:43:20 EDT 2008

Thanks for information, Rolf

Sorry, I have more questions:

1. I had compiled my source code in visual studio 2003, and runned it in
mono, but mono say "cannot open assembly setup.exe", what the meaning of
this, I run mono in vb2003's compiler or perhaps I should run mono in
installer's  application. (sorry, this is very confusing me)

2.  I think maybe my command is wrong,  I run mono like this
#mono setup.exe ===> or  I have to add more option in the command.

3. If I compile source code using vbnc, which one *.vb that I have to
choose, what  I get  one folder which contain  5 *.vb and many sub folder in
there. and what command I have using, I read msdn, that use vbc and command
like this
vbc.exe /imports:Microsoft.VisualBasic,System Source.vb., if I compile using
vbnc, are  it neccessary using sintax microsoft, but I use mono?

Thank you very much for the answer.

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