[mono-vb] how to compiler vb .Net 1.1

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1.       Setup.exe is the install program and is a Windows-only executable,
not what you want to execute. In the soluction/project folder there normally
is a directory called bin/Debug or bin/Release, where you applications
executables are, try running any of those.

2.       That’s the right command as long as you use the correct executable
(i.e. not setup.exe).

3.       Vbnc’s syntax is exactly like vbc’s syntax, so yes, you have to use
Microsoft’s syntax to compile on Mono.




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Thanks for information, Rolf

Sorry, I have more questions:

1. I had compiled my source code in visual studio 2003, and runned it in
mono, but mono say "cannot open assembly setup.exe", what the meaning of
this, I run mono in vb2003's compiler or perhaps I should run mono in
installer's  application. (sorry, this is very confusing me)

2.  I think maybe my command is wrong,  I run mono like this
#mono setup.exe ===> or  I have to add more option in the command.

3. If I compile source code using vbnc, which one *.vb that I have to
choose, what  I get  one folder which contain  5 *.vb and many sub folder in
there. and what command I have using, I read msdn, that use vbc and command
like this 
vbc.exe /imports:Microsoft.VisualBasic,System Source.vb., if I compile using
vbnc, are  it neccessary using sintax microsoft, but I use mono?

Thank you very much for the answer.


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