[Mono-osx] 64 bit Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Dec 14 00:24:18 EST 2010

Hello Marlin,

1) build our own 64-bit version of Mono.framework.  I have already built a
> 64-bit version of libmono.dylib, so I understand how the individual pieces
> of the framework are built.  I have not found, however, a script or Xcode
> project that assembles the Mono.framework itself.  I'm a bit reluctant to
> just wing it, as there are probably parts that I would get wrong.  Also, I'm
> reluctant to create a full-blown 64-bit Mono.framework because there will be
> pieces that need to be left out and other clients on the computer would be
> expecting them to "just work".

Our entire build scripts to build the Mono.framework package are public and
available as part of the "release" module on github.com/mono/release

You would have to modify this script to do the 64 bit build.

Although we have done the initial work on it, we have not tested it
extensively, and would love to get some community feedback and input on the
64 bit support, and would love if you take it out for a spin and let us know
how that works.

We have not yet figured out how we are going to do the 32/64 bit support
ourselves.   We are going to look into it once we ship the promised Mac
bundler for MonoMac.
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