[Mono-osx] Delphi Prism and all those Cocoa bridges

Joanna Carter cocoasharp at carterconsulting.org.uk
Wed Feb 25 09:39:45 EST 2009

marc hoffman a écrit :

> give me a month or two of spare time ;)

OK, you've been working real hard, take a little time off; but don't 
come back without an XCode plugin <gd&r>

> that said, if someone did want to do this and get managed compilers 
> integrated into Xcode 3.0 (ideally, this would be done in a way abstract 
> enough so the work could be leveraged by C#, Prism and other compilers), 
> i/we'd be willing to donate hard cash towards that effort, if it was 
> serious.

Any hints on how this used to work in 2.5? Write me offline if you would 


Joanna Carter
Carter Consulting

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