[Mono-osx] Delphi Prism and all those Cocoa bridges

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Wed Feb 25 11:26:08 EST 2009


> OK, you've been working real hard, take a little time off; but don't
> come back without an XCode plugin <gd&r>


>> that said, if someone did want to do this and get managed compilers
>> integrated into Xcode 3.0 (ideally, this would be done in a way  
>> abstract
>> enough so the work could be leveraged by C#, Prism and other  
>> compilers),
>> i/we'd be willing to donate hard cash towards that effort, if it was
>> serious.
> Any hints on how this used to work in 2.5? Write me offline if you  
> would
> please.

sure thing. i'll try to dig up the stuff i did back then (mostly based  
on the existing C# integration that was available, if in very raw  
form, for XCode 2.5) as well as some very early and unsuccessful  
dabbles with 3.0, sometime in the next couple days and will send it to  
you off-list.


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