[Mono-osx] Delphi Prism and all those Cocoa bridges

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Wed Feb 25 09:13:21 EST 2009


> How about the, possibly more acceptable, integration of Delphi
> Prism/Mono into XCode?

give me a month or two of spare time ;)

the problem is that Xcode's APIs (if thats what you wanna call em) in  
entirely undocumented, unsupported, and changing with every release.  
we had working (well very basic) integration into 2.5. 3.0 broke all  
that. it would take a of of work to just find out how to get it  
working again, and 3.2 might break it all again :(

that said, if someone did want to do this and get managed compilers  
integrated into Xcode 3.0 (ideally, this would be done in a way  
abstract enough so the work could be leveraged by C#, Prism and other  
compilers), i/we'd be willing to donate hard cash towards that effort,  
if it was serious.


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