[Mono-osx] [MonoDevelop] State of MonoDevelop on the Mac

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Tue Feb 24 04:39:52 EST 2009

Duane Wandless wrote:
> This design is exactly what we implement for our cross platform app.  
> Two native UIs, one common library.  Both apps look and feel great on 
> their respective platforms.  
Though it is extremely early in development, and currently has no one 
really updating it, I recently started looking at MonoMate. It is 
written in C#, has a native Mac OS X UI and is currently geared towards 
creating native Mac OS X apps (UI via Interface Builder, code/compile 
via MonoMate.) I'm not in anyway saying it is a viable replacement for 
MonoDevelop, but it is a lot more stable that MonoDevelop for me. Being 
a fairly small project, it is also quite accessible for modification. I 
had no issues getting SVN access from the developer (who is adamant that 
Web is the only way to go now and has no interest in continuing MonoMate 
development.) If other people are interested, lets club together. The UI 
kit it uses is Monobjc, and so if that is an issue, we could begin 
thinking if there are ways to support one or more of the alternative 
kits. This is quite a nice starting point - at the end of the day, the 
IDE should probably be able to support the other UI kits in the long run 
anyway. In the future, project management and targets and such could be 
added. As it stands, it does the Monobjc based Mac OS X mono driven app 
thing in a fairly acceptable way.


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