[Mono-osx] [MonoDevelop] State of MonoDevelop on the Mac

Duane Wandless duane at wandless.net
Mon Feb 23 17:31:39 EST 2009

MonoDevelop is not worth my time.  It is very unstable on OSX.  The UI
metaphor is kludgy.  It looks and feels like a non-native Mac app.  I'd
prefer MonoDevelop practiced what I preach.  In my opinion there is no good
cross platform *UI* technology.  If you have a Windows app, use WinForms.
If you have a Mac app, use InterfaceBuilder.  Based on that assumption (and
opinion), MonoDevelop should be developed using InterfaceBuilder for the UI
with a C# backend utilizing one of the bridges.

This design is exactly what we implement for our cross platform app.  Two
native UIs, one common library.  Both apps look and feel great on their
respective platforms.  So right now I have Win7 Beta installed on my
Parallels virtual machine.  I use Visual Studio there and Interface Builder
on the Mac.  It requires one extra compile but the productivity of Visual
Studio and the native look and feel thanks to IB are well worth the extra

Time is money.  The power of Visual Studio saves a lot of time.  If I get an
Objective-C plugin for VS I would love that!  Never use XCode again.
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