[Mono-osx] [Cocoa-sharp] cocoa-sharp-dev Google Group has been shutdown

Andrew Satori dru at druware.com
Tue Jan 22 12:36:17 EST 2008

Now that I'm back in the office and not painting / limited access.

I/Druware owns the CocoaSharp.org domain and website.  We have, IMO, two
options.  Merge everything into the Mono Project, or keep everything under
the CocoaSharp domain (or possibly both which is probably the Best of Both
worlds, but I don't know that we have the resources).

There is good and bad to both.

With the Mono Project option, we run the risk of being 'lost in the shuffle'
as it were, with the nominally Linux centered world of Mono, many of the Mac
specific details could get left by the wayside.  The other issue is that
cocoasharp really goes beyond the scope of 'mono', so it begs the question
of if it fits.  

With the CocoaSharp.org, you get a site that is something we can control
without impact from the Mono Team, but it comes with none of theease that
using Novell's web infrastructure brings, but also gives us the power to
create whatever we want (it is running on a shared host / Windows / ASP.NET
hosting), and though it has a wiki today, the underlying code is AWFUL, so
if that's the route we want to go, I'd like to move to something a little
better :-). 

Times have changed a bunch since I put up the original Cocoa Sharp site, the
people have changed, and the Mac has become a full peer in the Mono
community, with a person on staff at Novell working on it, so for people
like me that had become pretty frustrated with the lack of progress and/or
struggles to keep Mono and the Mac on working terms are returning to the

I'm good with either choice, and I'll look to the community to point a
direction, but we do need to consolidate the efforts in a single direction.

On 1/22/08 11:34 AM, "David_Hudson at capgroup.com" <David_Hudson at capgroup.com>
found the proper letters on the keyboard to produce:

> Hi all,
> In the interest of consolidating communication for the Cocoa# project, I
> have shut down the cocoa-sharp-dev Google group. I posted a message
> directing devs to the Mono cocoa# mailing list.
>  Are we using the
> Mono wiki or somewhere else? Once that is determined, I will copy over the
> Google wiki pages and post them on the official Cocoa# wiki page and close
> down the Google wiki I had set up. Note that much of the content on the the
> Google wiki was simply copied from the old cocoasharp.org wiki.
> Also, there is the CSharpXcodeplugin. Are people still interested in
> developing this? If so I can move it back to the Mono SVN (there is an old
> version of the code already in there).
> Thanks
> Dave
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