[Mono-osx] cocoa-sharp-dev Google Group has been shutdown

David_Hudson at capgroup.com David_Hudson at capgroup.com
Tue Jan 22 11:34:08 EST 2008

Hi all,

In the interest of consolidating communication for the Cocoa# project, I
have shut down the cocoa-sharp-dev Google group. I posted a message
directing devs to the Mono cocoa# mailing list.

Has there been any decision on where to host the wiki? Are we using the
Mono wiki or somewhere else? Once that is determined, I will copy over the
Google wiki pages and post them on the official Cocoa# wiki page and close
down the Google wiki I had set up. Note that much of the content on the the
Google wiki was simply copied from the old cocoasharp.org wiki.

Also, there is the CSharpXcodeplugin. Are people still interested in
developing this? If so I can move it back to the Mono SVN (there is an old
version of the code already in there).


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