[Mono-osx] ASP.NET projects in CSharpPlugin

Curtis Wensley eto at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 7 23:47:46 EST 2007


I've been playing around with Susan Mackay's CSharp Plugin for xcode,  
and am really impressed!!  I've been able to play around with some  
cocoa# projects to see what it's all about (although I'm sad to find  
all GUI has to be in a .NIB for it to work).

What I'm REALLY interested to see though, is the ability to work on  
ASP.NET projects within xcode.  I'm currently using x-develop (great  
IDE, but the developers seem to have dropped off the face of the  
planet), and am looking for a good alternative!

I'm very new to the Mac world, so not too familiar with how things  
work.  Is there anyone else interested in this or can point me in the  
right direction with the plugin?  I'd also be interested in  
developing an installer for the plugin, that is, depending on how  
much time it will take.. (;


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