[Mono-osx] [Mono-winforms-list] Mono WinForms Problems Connecting to Sql 2005

Austin Winstanley austin at tradelogic.com
Fri Feb 2 21:54:45 EST 2007

Ok, So on this problem I have narrowed it down. On my server I have
Sql 2000 and Sql 2005 running side by side. i only get the connection
error when trying to connect to sql 2005. I can connect to sql 2000
just fine.

The only difference is the instance name. To connect to 2000 I would
just use my ip address. But to connect to sql 2005 I have to use
myipaddress\\Server2005. In windows this works, but in mac and linux
it doesnt. So the problem comes down to just the Server2005 instance
name in mac/linux.

Can anybody help me out with this?? It is driving me crazy. Thanks!

On 1/28/07, URBAN Leos <leos.urban at qds.cz> wrote:
> Try connection string:
> this.sqlConnection1.ConnectionString =
> "uid=sa;pwd=alphaville;server=,1433;database=Test";
> Leos
> Austin Winstanley napsal(a):
> > I am running a Mono Winforms app and i have gotten it to run great on
> > Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. The problem is I can only connect to a
> > Sql Server 2005 DB from Windows. It is a remote DB and it connects
> > just fine when I am in Windows, but as soon as I run my app from Mac
> > or Linux, It gives me Sql Server does not exist or connection denied
> > error. I'm not understanding why it will connect from Windows but not
> > Mac or Linux. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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