[Mono-osx] Problems with macpack

Jop... (Jonas Finnemann Jensen). webmaster at jopsen.dk
Mon Feb 19 05:28:59 EST 2007


I've been trying to port my C# project to OS X. I've got it running
using Windows.Forms on Mono 1.2.3 on OS X... It only works if I open
an xterm (X11) and open the application from there...
I've tried to make an .app (application bundle) using macpack, but I
can't get it working, is it currently broke?
The command I pack with is:
$ macpack -n TheLastRipper -m 1 -a WindowsFormsClient.exe -r *.dll -o .
What can I possibly be doing wrong???

Does anyone know how to launch an X11 app from terminal or script, so
that I may manually write an app???
I've attached the project binaries, don't know if that possible on a
mailingslist... If you wish to you can also take a look at the project
page http://code.google.com/p/thelastripper

By the way, I've been trying to create an Cocoa# port, but I can't
find any documentation for the C# bindings???

Regards Jop... (Jonas Finnemann Jensen).
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