[Mono-osx] mono for OSX - Intel?

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Wed Jun 7 21:23:24 EDT 2006

On 7-Jun-06, at 6:19 PM, Sean Hignett wrote:

> I thought that PPC comment might illicit a bit of "heat".
> Curiously though, if the tweaking of the scripts is so minor, and the
> creation of the pkg so easy, why not just publish a mactel package  
> on the
> downloads page?

#1.  I dont have access to a mactel (when I did I published binaries  
for all)
#2.  I dont work for novell.

> Btw, I doubt those scripts were there back when the macbooks first  
> shipped
> and Bryan at Imeem was fixing threading bugs in the GC so it would run  
> on osx86
> properly. I already suffered the early adopter pain to get it  
> building and
> working back in the day, so why would I go back and bother with  
> creating
> pkgs and all that other nastiness?

#1.  They were
#2. I ported the GC not Bryan (altho he did take some initial stabs  
at it and was on the right track), and lupus did most of the jit  
alignment changes needed for pinvoke / sse transitions of the xmm  

> Over-architected.  Hmmph.  How about under supported...

#1.  I dont work for novell; bitch at them if you feel its "under  
supported" (see next point down).

> I suppose there is a FAQ somewhere about building mono on Mactels?   
> If there
> is, I haven't found it.  Google your heart out and all you will  
> find are
> outdated archive posts with misinformation.  There is barely a  
> decent FAQ on
> building mono period.

Because its exactly the same as building on PPC now; and did novell  
ever officially announce support for OSX86?  I think not; so dont  
bitch about lack of docs / tools.  However if you had asked you would  
have been answered.

> Us mere mortals do what we can.
> If/when you finally get yourself an intel Mac, you will see why I  
> say the
> PPC is dead :)  At least to OSX it is... And I believe this is the  
> mono-osx
> list, no?

OSX 10.4.7 upcoming release is still released for PPC.  OSX 10.5 is  
still going to be released for PPC.  This is the mono-OSX list as you  
so helpfully pointed out; thus PPC for MONO is not "dead".


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