[Mono-osx] mono for OSX - Intel?

Sean Hignett seanhig at geminibay.com
Wed Jun 7 18:19:48 EDT 2006

I thought that PPC comment might illicit a bit of "heat".

Curiously though, if the tweaking of the scripts is so minor, and the
creation of the pkg so easy, why not just publish a mactel package on the
downloads page?  

Btw, I doubt those scripts were there back when the macbooks first shipped
and Bryan at Imeem was fixing threading bugs in the GC so it would run on osx86
properly. I already suffered the early adopter pain to get it building and
working back in the day, so why would I go back and bother with creating
pkgs and all that other nastiness?

Over-architected.  Hmmph.  How about under supported...

I suppose there is a FAQ somewhere about building mono on Mactels?  If there
is, I haven't found it.  Google your heart out and all you will find are
outdated archive posts with misinformation.  There is barely a decent FAQ on
building mono period.

Us mere mortals do what we can.

If/when you finally get yourself an intel Mac, you will see why I say the
PPC is dead :)  At least to OSX it is... And I believe this is the mono-osx
list, no?


On 6/7/06 3:34 PM, "kangaroo" <grompf at sublimeintervention.com> wrote:

> <snip>
>> I hesitate to list all the steps in detail, as it seems the mono
>> folks would
>> be producing a universal binary sooner rather then later.  Kinda
>> silly not
>> to now, PPC is dead.
> You really over-architected this solution.  Just check out the
> "release" module from svn; and take a look at the scripts in the
> macosx directory.  With some very minor tweaking and the X-Code tools
> installed you have a Intel Mac Mono .pkg build.  Additionally; PPC
> will be around for QUITE some time to come on the mac (I'd say
> probably in the realm of 5 years) and lets not forget that PPC !=
> Apple.  There are many other uses for the processor.
> Lastly, Novell is planning on packaging for intel/universal in the
> future (a little birdy told me) but has no strict timeline for this.
> If / when I get myself a intel mac; I'll start posting the builds.
> -kangaroo

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