[Mono-osx] mono for OSX - Intel?

Sean Hignett seanhig at geminibay.com
Thu Jun 8 16:04:12 EDT 2006

I don't recall ever bitching, and if so it was only in response to
yet-another-overly-touchy dev who decided to take the time to bitch me out
for no particular reason.

I think the Novell/Mono folks do a great job, and if you had something to do
with the port to osx86, many thanks.  I am very appreciative of your solid
work, and make use of it daily.  But Bryan "did" fix the GC threading bug
that caused XSP to crash.  I was there for that one, and was most grateful.
Bryan was also pleasant and helpful... In contrast to some.

Prior to a year ago I knew little to nothing about Gnome libs, unix library
paths and the long stack that leads to mono. And I knew less about OSX.  I
am probably one of the few people who out there who is delivering production
corp sys ASP.NET applications using a pure OSS stack built using Mono (dev'd
on OSX86 no less).  I evangelize Mono and OSS in places that are pure MS.
And that helps, because I used to be MS.

This is good for Mono, believe me.  I have no idea what you do, or who you
work for, but if you care about OSS, I am on your side man, lighten up.

Today I know a little bit more about these things... But only a little.  I
was just trying to help out Mike when I got attacked by a kangeroo.

Frankly I still prefer darwinports to the complexity of the mono build
process... But they are way back on 1.1.12...

Kangeroo I hope you at least have a sense of humor.  Thanks for the tip
about the release scripts, I will look when I get a chance.

Dude, get a Mactel, and then preach to me about the PPC.  You just sound
like a guy with processor envy.


PS.  For those insane folks like myself who feel the need to code .NET on
OSX, check out this Blacksun plug-in for Eclipse.  It makes C# deving on OSX
such a pleasure:


I was using Improve's for awhile, but this one is way better... The code
outline is a godsend.


On 6/7/06 7:23 PM, "kangaroo" <grompf at sublimeintervention.com> wrote:

> On 7-Jun-06, at 6:19 PM, Sean Hignett wrote:
>> I thought that PPC comment might illicit a bit of "heat".
>> Curiously though, if the tweaking of the scripts is so minor, and the
>> creation of the pkg so easy, why not just publish a mactel package
>> on the
>> downloads page?
> #1.  I dont have access to a mactel (when I did I published binaries
> for all)
> #2.  I dont work for novell.
>> Btw, I doubt those scripts were there back when the macbooks first
>> shipped
>> and Bryan at Imeem was fixing threading bugs in the GC so it would run
>> on osx86
>> properly. I already suffered the early adopter pain to get it
>> building and
>> working back in the day, so why would I go back and bother with
>> creating
>> pkgs and all that other nastiness?
> #1.  They were
> #2. I ported the GC not Bryan (altho he did take some initial stabs
> at it and was on the right track), and lupus did most of the jit
> alignment changes needed for pinvoke / sse transitions of the xmm
> registers.
>> Over-architected.  Hmmph.  How about under supported...
> #1.  I dont work for novell; bitch at them if you feel its "under
> supported" (see next point down).
>> I suppose there is a FAQ somewhere about building mono on Mactels?
>> If there
>> is, I haven't found it.  Google your heart out and all you will
>> find are
>> outdated archive posts with misinformation.  There is barely a
>> decent FAQ on
>> building mono period.
> Because its exactly the same as building on PPC now; and did novell
> ever officially announce support for OSX86?  I think not; so dont
> bitch about lack of docs / tools.  However if you had asked you would
> have been answered.
>> Us mere mortals do what we can.
>> If/when you finally get yourself an intel Mac, you will see why I
>> say the
>> PPC is dead :)  At least to OSX it is... And I believe this is the
>> mono-osx
>> list, no?
> OSX 10.4.7 upcoming release is still released for PPC.  OSX 10.5 is
> still going to be released for PPC.  This is the mono-OSX list as you
> so helpfully pointed out; thus PPC for MONO is not "dead".
> -g

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