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Frank Mantek fmantek at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 01:53:41 EDT 2005

I agree on the SlickEdit comment :) Debugging is something that i suffer
from time to time, but that's what VPC or that old windows laptop in the
corner is for.

I need to check out WX, have not used it yet, thanks for the pointer.

Frank Mantek

On 10/25/05, ted leslie <tleslie at tcn.net> wrote:
> For me SlickEdit makes a fanastic MONO IDE, i don't use debugging that
> often,
> and the "support" is good at MSDN :) for Mono.
> I use WX.Wdigets WX.Net now for GUI, but when GTK+ is built for a non-X11
> then I believe all will fall into place just nicely.
> I probably couldnt build a full MS-EXCEL using wx.net <http://wx.net> or a
> 3D graphics package,
> but give it a year. For now it builds stuff you would perhaps use Java
> for, just fine.
> I do develop on Linux and deploy to MACOSX, so I can't speak for the build
> environment
> on MACOS, I'd assume its just like Linux to install it?
> Be interesting to see what your heavy lifting requirements are?
> -tl
> On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 17:04:55 -0400
> Ken & Deb Allen <kendrhyd at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> > I have been experimenting with Mono and the windows framework, and it
> > is far from ready for general use on MacOS X! I use .Net primarily
> > for work, and find it a great environment for development (highly
> > productive), even the mono tools there are not too bad. From what I
> > have read, some of the linux tools are not too bad, but from what I
> > can see one must go through hoops to get anything other than the
> > basic Mono package installed.
> >
> > MacOS seems to be last in the race, with few, if any, of the GUI
> > tools actually working at all. So, for MacOS, no IDE and no
> > functional debugger and really no code assistance either. But at
> > least I had hoped to be able to take most of the code developed in
> > Windows and bring it over, only having to create a build script for it.
> >
> > Not much luck with that. It generally works, but the GUI stuff is not
> > nearly ready for real use, and some crashes of working .Net code are
> > frequent. On the other hand, the Cocoa# stuff is just too much manual
> > work.
> >
> > I really have to say that Microsoft has produced three (3) things
> > (and only these three) that I admire: SQL Server; .Net; and Visual
> > Studio .Net -- I find that productivity in these environments is well
> > and above others that I have worked in before and continue to do so.
> > XCode is great, but the Cocoa environment is missing some things that
> > are absolutely necessary for work that I do (if I had the equivalent
> > to the DataSet, DataTable, etc. classes in the Cocoa/XCode
> > environment, I would be extremely happy -- but the objective-C code
> > is not portable.
> >
> > Mono/.Net have excited me for some time, but I am not going to be
> > able to use mono for heavy lifting for some time to come. I saw from
> > another posting that we may see MonoDevelop available when the next
> > MacOS X release is generally available, and that would be great; that
> > and improvements to MWF should permit me to make more effective use
> > of mono.
> >
> > Sorry for the diversion: now for the problem I have been seeing.
> >
> > The macpack facility creates a 'package' for me that permits double-
> > clicking of generated programs, which is great, and permits the
> > windowing stuff to work, which is even better. The down side is that
> > every time I exit my program I get an alert that indicates that "The
> > application mono quit unexpectedly." I do ot know why this is
> > happening, but it would be nice if I could make it stop!
> >
> >
> > -ken
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