[Mono-osx] Use of Eclipse as a .NET IDE

Timothy Mowlem tim at mowlem.eclipse.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 16:16:31 EDT 2005


People are discussing a lot about MonoDevelop and its so slow  
progress to MacOSX. Perhaps resources would be better spent creating  
a project to develop a C#/.NET Eclipse plugin to make C#/.NET/Mono a  
first class citizen along side the JDT (Java Development Toolkit) on  

Eclipse is already an excellent Java IDE and a very large amount of  
industry support is now behind it. There is already one C# plugin  
that i am aware of (the Improve plugin) but that does not appear to  
be under active development.

The existing IDE framework and plugin system gives you a lot before  
you have started so surely a C# aware editor and build system would  
not be hard to create? Also surely a debugger could be incorporated  
into the system as well.

The only problem I can see would be the use of the SWT toolkit in  
Eclipse when you want to do .NET GUI development. Perhaps someone has  
ideas on this topic?

Does anyone know if such a C#/.NEt project is underway for Eclipse?


Tim Mowlem

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