[Mono-list] MonoTizen-1.0.0 released last week

Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Mon Jul 14 13:47:07 UTC 2014

MonoTizen-1.0.0 was released last Thurday and can be downloaded at

What is MonoTizen?   See

It is just Mono-for-Tizen plus MonoDevelop-add-in.   All developed in the
open, for upstreaming back to Mono master.    We have RPMs for Mono-3.6
ready to roll ... https://twitter.com/monotizen/status/488029053220175873.

There are videos showing the 1.0.0 releases in action at
and I will be making a video showing the application running on a Samsung Z
within the Samsung Remote Testlab.    You'll have to make do with the still
image for now!

Since that release on Friday I also pushed the MonoDevelop.Tizen add-in
into the public repository at http://addins.monodevelop.com so that you
don't even need to set up the custom "channel".    The add-in just appears
in the built-in "Stable" channel in MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio.

I have also submitted the HelloWorldTizenOSP application to the Tizen
Store, to see what Samsung think of applications with Mono embedded.   We
do have the option of going Full AOT (just like Xamarin.iOS) if that is
required to get passed the Samsung approval process.    That route, though,
is not LGPLv2 compliant and will require developers to get a commercial
Mono license from Xamarin.


Bob Summerwill, Kitsilano Software.




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