[Mono-list] Not implemented exceptions in Getters

Kevin Connell kevin at connells.net
Sat Jul 12 13:31:45 UTC 2014

Works fine with .net framework.  As I mentioned its Json.net serializing a
hash table and you can see from the stacktrace its a mono class with the
getter that has the throw.

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> > I have run into problems Serializing a hashtable with Json.net and found
> that
> > some classes (maybe just one?) throws NotImplementedExceptions in a
> > getter which obviously cause havoc for Serialization and other generic
> > reflection routines.  Is throwing a NotImplementedExceptions  an
> > appropriate pattern in a getter?
> There are lots of behaviors, appropriate or not, resulting from the fact
> that somebody at Microsoft says so.
> What's the behavior of the same code, when run under .Net?  If MS throws
> the exception too, then mono is behaving correctly, as the goal of mono is
> to behave the same as .Net.
> If mono is not behaving the same as .Net, please be specific about what
> class(es) and how to reproduce the problem behavior.
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