[Mono-list] Where Did The Gtk# API Documentation Go?

Ian Norton Ian.Norton-Badrul at thales-esecurity.com
Sun Jul 31 03:57:58 EDT 2011

It is quite annoying isn't it. I've been using my local copies via the  
monodoc viewer instead

On 30 Jul 2011, at 21:58, "Jim Orcheson" <jim at va3hj.ca> wrote:

> Where has the Gtk# API documentation gone. It is no longer available  
> at
> http://www.go-mono.com/docs/. In fact the whole gnome# tree has
> disappeared. It has also disappeared from the mono API reference at
> http://docs.go-mono.com/, although most of the other gnome related  
> APIs
> are there to some extent (the Gdk# API is listed twice which leads  
> to a
> disambiguation page that points back to itself whenever I click on any
> of the links on that page. Often, including right now, docs.go- 
> mono.com
> results in an HTTP 500 error. It has been suggested that I use monodoc
> and install the gtk# docs from the Ubuntu repositories, but they only
> contain high level entries (e.g. a page for each class, but the  
> Members
> link goes nowhere).
> So, am I the only person who actually attempts to use the Gtk# API
> documentation, or are others just waiting for it to return?
> I posted this about a week ago on gtk-sharp-list, and when that got no
> reasonable answer, I also posted on mono-list assuming that must be
> where the maintainers are hanging out. Well several days later,  
> again no
> answer from anyone who can do anything about this problem.
> Is there anyone out there listening who gives a damn and can fix this
> problem? Should I pitch 6 months of work and move on to some other
> language and GUI?
> Jim
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