[Mono-list] Where Did The Gtk# API Documentation Go?

Jim Orcheson jim at va3hj.ca
Sat Jul 30 16:56:41 EDT 2011

Where has the Gtk# API documentation gone. It is no longer available at 
http://www.go-mono.com/docs/. In fact the whole gnome# tree has 
disappeared. It has also disappeared from the mono API reference at 
http://docs.go-mono.com/, although most of the other gnome related APIs 
are there to some extent (the Gdk# API is listed twice which leads to a 
disambiguation page that points back to itself whenever I click on any 
of the links on that page. Often, including right now, docs.go-mono.com 
results in an HTTP 500 error. It has been suggested that I use monodoc 
and install the gtk# docs from the Ubuntu repositories, but they only 
contain high level entries (e.g. a page for each class, but the Members 
link goes nowhere).

So, am I the only person who actually attempts to use the Gtk# API 
documentation, or are others just waiting for it to return?

I posted this about a week ago on gtk-sharp-list, and when that got no 
reasonable answer, I also posted on mono-list assuming that must be 
where the maintainers are hanging out. Well several days later, again no 
answer from anyone who can do anything about this problem.

Is there anyone out there listening who gives a damn and can fix this 
problem? Should I pitch 6 months of work and move on to some other 
language and GUI?


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