[Mono-list] Mono mySQL connector problems

Piotr Stulinski jamjar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 03:50:17 EDT 2008

Hi All

Im struggling to understand why many of my mySQL statements work 100%
on windows and suddenly havoc occurs when i port to suse.

A number of things that i have found with serious breakages and some
workarounds, specifically with the MySqlCommandBuilder:

1) For some strange reason i have to call a .ToString() once
instantiated or it wont recognised a SelectCommand exists and hence
InsertCommands fail.

2) GetUpdateCommand() crashes sometimes and sometimes not with a cast
exception - cannot cast from one type to another - i dont have more
information on this and i cannot fix it.

3) When updating 2 tables with a PK FK relationship in a sql
transaction, using 2 command builders and manually assigning the PK
from one record to another, after running commit() it crashes as the
primary key is updated in the first table but not transfered to the
child table FK...- this does however work 100% on windows.

Is anyone else having these kinds of problems?


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