[Mono-list] Mono mySQL connector problems

Veerapuram Varadhan vvaradhan at novell.com
Wed Apr 2 09:36:56 EDT 2008

Hi Piotr,

Can you file a bug in our bugzilla and attach a sample describing these

We will also try with our samples and more tests.


V. Varadhan

On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 09:50 +0200, Piotr Stulinski wrote:
> Hi All
> Im struggling to understand why many of my mySQL statements work 100%
> on windows and suddenly havoc occurs when i port to suse.
> A number of things that i have found with serious breakages and some
> workarounds, specifically with the MySqlCommandBuilder:
> 1) For some strange reason i have to call a .ToString() once
> instantiated or it wont recognised a SelectCommand exists and hence
> InsertCommands fail.
> 2) GetUpdateCommand() crashes sometimes and sometimes not with a cast
> exception - cannot cast from one type to another - i dont have more
> information on this and i cannot fix it.
> 3) When updating 2 tables with a PK FK relationship in a sql
> transaction, using 2 command builders and manually assigning the PK
> from one record to another, after running commit() it crashes as the
> primary key is updated in the first table but not transfered to the
> child table FK...- this does however work 100% on windows.
> Is anyone else having these kinds of problems?
> Piotr
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