[Mono-list] strange error with mono 1.2.3

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Feb 11 09:54:16 EST 2007


> Having the libs in the incorrect place for non-x86 systems seems like a
> good start. If you're running on a 64 bit processor, things should be
> in /usr/lib64 - it means you have a true hardware agnostic approach and
> you don't pollute the 32 bit libs directories with material which really
> shouldn't be there.

OK, that is a start.   What else?

(It could be argued that on 64 bit systems, /usr/lib should contain 64
bit code, and legacy 32 bit code should go into /usr/lib32).

> The Fedora developers have spent a heck of a long time making sure libs
> go into the correct place and between us, spent ages discussing where
> they should go - and that was even before Fedora had it!

So what are the differences here, am trying to understand how we can
adopt these kinds of things.


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