[Mono-list] strange error with mono 1.2.3

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Feb 11 09:14:34 EST 2007


> > We have noticed that Fedora packages seem to be incorrect.   They are
> > creating -devel packages that merely contain .pc files, which is not
> > necessary with Mono, so we believe the Fedora packages are incorrect. 
> Each to their own on that score. We have -devel files with .pc files in
> for a reason - they belong there, they are after all part of the
> development stuff and not the core package.

It just makes no sense to do so, they are tiny files, and in Mono,
the .pc files are used for much more than "development".   They are used
as a mechanism to locate and probe components.

You are incorrectly making the assumption that this is only for
development, and you are causing us support problems.

We had to add code to MonoDevelop to tell the user to install extra
packages when they were using it.

We should remove that, and just open a browser to file a bug every time
someone complains to fedora.

> You'll find it's the same across the board in fedora, it's part of our
> packaging standards.
> Paul

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