[Mono-list] strange error with mono 1.2.3

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Feb 11 11:38:33 EST 2007


    I forgot to mention something which is fundamentally different
between Mono and other "development" packaging.

    Mono (and .NET) provide the CodeDOM, a technology to generate code
on the flight (when Reflection.Emit is too low level) and load the
resulting code, so you can not really remove the development tools and
libraries and place them in different packages.   

    You are breaking Mono in subtle ways.   


> Hi,
> > > Okay, are you using the FC mono packages or the ones from Novell? 
> > > 
> > > I would *strongly* advice FC users from using the Novell packages -
> > > massively advice against it, infact, think of the most lavish, expensive
> > > hotel you can, 24 hour porterage, thick shagpile throughout everywhere,
> > > unrestricted TV and internet access and outside, the words "Bloody Huge
> > > and Expensive Hotel Ltd", that how much I would advise against using the
> > > Novell packages.
> > 
> > Could you provide some technical reasons about what is wrong with our
> > packages so we can improve it?
> Having the libs in the incorrect place for non-x86 systems seems like a
> good start. If you're running on a 64 bit processor, things should be
> in /usr/lib64 - it means you have a true hardware agnostic approach and
> you don't pollute the 32 bit libs directories with material which really
> shouldn't be there.
> The Fedora developers have spent a heck of a long time making sure libs
> go into the correct place and between us, spent ages discussing where
> they should go - and that was even before Fedora had it!
> > We have noticed that Fedora packages seem to be incorrect.   They are
> > creating -devel packages that merely contain .pc files, which is not
> > necessary with Mono, so we believe the Fedora packages are incorrect. 
> Each to their own on that score. We have -devel files with .pc files in
> for a reason - they belong there, they are after all part of the
> development stuff and not the core package.
> You'll find it's the same across the board in fedora, it's part of our
> packaging standards.
> Paul

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