[Mono-list] Question re: mono app deployment on Windows

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Oct 23 11:59:15 EDT 2006

Goldstein, Nachum (Jonathan) wrote:
> I searched all the available documentation, and the only deployment
> instructions I find are:
> 	1. install mono on the target host
> 	2. use mkbundle
> 1 is unacceptable - for the same reasons that we cannot force an
> installation .NET.
> 2 is listed in the documentation as being available only on linux.

Mkbundle works on Windows. Where did you read it doesn't?

> So would someone please answer the following:
> 1. What is the minimum runtime file-set required in order to run a mono
> app on a "clean" host?

Your assemblies, their referenced system assemblies and all DLLs
installed into Mono's bin directory.


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