[Mono-list] How do i tell Mono (for ASP.NET, C#) where to find MySQL.Data.MySqlClient

Bradley, Peter pbradley at uwic.ac.uk
Tue Oct 24 02:37:25 EDT 2006

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Robert - would Apache (mod_mono) be able to find and read the GAC at 
that location?  Would it have permissions?  Sorry, it's beyond my ken.



Of course it occurred to me as I dropped off to sleep last night that
you may not be using Apache ...

What Web server are you using?  Under what uid is the server process
running?  For example, Apache usually runs as wwwrun.  If this is the
same uid responsible for xsp/mod_mono, does it have permission to read
(and execute?) stuff that's in your home directory?  On my box, for
example, only I have permission to read stuff in my home directory and

I'm a bit out of my depth here - just trying out a few ideas in the hope
they'll perhaps inspire someone more knowledgeable.



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