[Mono-list] Question re: mono app deployment on Windows

Goldstein, Nachum (Jonathan) NGoldstein at nds.com
Mon Oct 23 11:29:11 EDT 2006

For a particular customer, I want to deploy an existing C# app to
Windows XP hosts. This deployment is to occur via the web, and it must
occur "quickly". The size of the compiled app assembly is several
hundred Kb. All required classes are known at compile-time.

I cannot force the end-user to install .NET - it will take too long.
Microsoft has confirmed that .NET was not bundled with XP, so I cannot
rely on it "already being there".

Hence I am investigating mono. I want to use it to compile the C#, and
then deploy something less bulky than .NET in order to run on the
end-user hosts.

I searched all the available documentation, and the only deployment
instructions I find are:

	1. install mono on the target host
	2. use mkbundle

1 is unacceptable - for the same reasons that we cannot force an
installation .NET.

2 is listed in the documentation as being available only on linux.

So would someone please answer the following:

1. What is the minimum runtime file-set required in order to run a mono
app on a "clean" host?
2. Can mkbundle be used for a windows target?

Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.

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