[Mono-list] installing complete mono framework on CentOS 4.3

Nikki Locke nikki at trumphurst.com
Fri Jun 30 05:30:05 EDT 2006

Gnuplot post wrote:
> I am trying to install the complete mono framework on the CentOS 4.3.
> I've downloaded ALL the mono related packages from this site
> CentOS 4.3 

> [root at madril mono]# rpm -iv *.rpm
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         libsqlite.so.0 is needed by
> mono-data-sqlite-1.1.15-0.novell.i586

I use CentOS 4. The way I solved this problem was to force install an 
earlier version of sqlite (I used 2.8.16-1.2.el4.rf).

This does no harm to CentOS, as all the programs which use sqlite
still get sqlite3. All it does is to satisfy mono's incorrect
dependency on the old version of the sqlite library. Even mono
itself doesn't use the old version once it is installed.

Nikki Locke, Trumphurst Ltd.      PC & Unix consultancy & programming

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