[Mono-list] Re: mod_mono and memory/cpu time limits

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Jun 5 07:50:43 EDT 2006


> i'm having trouble with memory limits and cpu time limits,
> i set these in my apache conf files and things seem to work
> well up to the point when they are reached
> then as its supposed to mono gets killed. but it never restarts.
> i just get a service error from apache
> i've done this watching 'top' after setting the cpu time to a
> really low number, so after 10 seconds worth of cpu mono
> does get killed bang on schedule...just never comes back.
> same thing for when the memory limit is reached

Restarting a killed mod-mono-server is not implemented
for some good reasons.

You may try out this patch after you've read the whole



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