[Mono-list] mod_mono and memory/cpu time limits

Jim Hunt jim at helvector.com
Sun Jun 4 17:22:40 EDT 2006


fedora core 5 - with the version of apache 2 and the latest
mono / mod_mono installed after getting the yum .repo
from www.go-mono.com

i'm having trouble with memory limits and cpu time limits,
i set these in my apache conf files and things seem to work
well up to the point when they are reached

then as its supposed to mono gets killed. but it never restarts.
i just get a service error from apache

i've done this watching 'top' after setting the cpu time to a
really low number, so after 10 seconds worth of cpu mono
does get killed bang on schedule...just never comes back.
same thing for when the memory limit is reached

i'm using the mono control panel apache thing too, and clicking
to restart the application works fine after this failure, the
mod-mono-server processes all start up again and everything
is sweet on the server. until the limit is reached again

should i need to do anything to ensure that the mod-mono-server
processses get restarted again automatically instead of apache
just telling me its stuck?

thanks in advance for any pointers you can give me, and sorry
if i'm missing something obvious, i'm rather new to not only
mono, but linux in general


ps, i've got the latest versions of mono and mod_mono installed,
would i do better using the stable version instead? which would
you all suggest i work with?

jim hunt
jim at helvector.com 

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