[Mono-list] Informix and ODBC

Glen Ford glen.ford at spinvox.com
Wed Dec 6 07:19:13 EST 2006

Hi Daniel,

Yes we are aware of the parameter issue.  At the moment we are not using 

The biggest problem for us at the moment is Unicode characters - one 
character works but as soon as a second is added to a statement it 
generates an exception, and looking at the ODBC code it says it doesn't 
support it :(

We cannot run under Windows as our env is Linux, we have been running 
under Mono for several months but now have had to move from Postgres to 
Informix hence the need for ODBC.



Daniel Freund wrote:
> Hi Glen,
> I ran into this issue about a year ago. My problem was (well, actually still is), that the ODBC does not deal with parameters. I issued a bug in bugzilla (http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=74917), but ODBC seems to be a low prio thing. I run my test cases every now and then with actual Mono versions, but as of Mono 1.2 it still fails.
> Maybe one of the System.Data-maintainers can give some statements about future plans regarding the ODBC stuff. The Mono website states that still some testing is required...
> For now I run my ASP.NET application under Windows using MS .Net and the Informix driver delivered with the Informix CSDK. I didn't find an affordable alternative yet.
> Several tests using the IBM Informix driver under Linux/Mono failed, because the driver uses several native CSDK/Windows DLLs.
> I issued a feature request to IBM asking for a fully managed Informix driver about a month ago. It seems they are working on it but it is loosely scheduled for mid 2007. As I have heard the driver will be fully managed but I'm not sure if it will work under Mono.
> Hope that helps,
> /daniel
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>> Hi, is anyone out there using Informix with the Mono ODBC Provider?
>> We have hit a number of issues with the provider, and would like to find 
>> out if there is a later version available anywhere.
>> Alternatively if anyone knows of a Native Provider that would be great.  
>> Informix only supply a .Net version which includes Native Windows
>> reliance.
>> Thanks,
>> Glen
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