[Mono-list] Informix and ODBC

Daniel Freund lunkwill at gmx.net
Wed Dec 6 04:53:22 EST 2006

Hi Glen,

I ran into this issue about a year ago. My problem was (well, actually still is), that the ODBC does not deal with parameters. I issued a bug in bugzilla (http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=74917), but ODBC seems to be a low prio thing. I run my test cases every now and then with actual Mono versions, but as of Mono 1.2 it still fails.

Maybe one of the System.Data-maintainers can give some statements about future plans regarding the ODBC stuff. The Mono website states that still some testing is required...

For now I run my ASP.NET application under Windows using MS .Net and the Informix driver delivered with the Informix CSDK. I didn't find an affordable alternative yet.

Several tests using the IBM Informix driver under Linux/Mono failed, because the driver uses several native CSDK/Windows DLLs.

I issued a feature request to IBM asking for a fully managed Informix driver about a month ago. It seems they are working on it but it is loosely scheduled for mid 2007. As I have heard the driver will be fully managed but I'm not sure if it will work under Mono.

Hope that helps,


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> Hi, is anyone out there using Informix with the Mono ODBC Provider?
> We have hit a number of issues with the provider, and would like to find 
> out if there is a later version available anywhere.
> Alternatively if anyone knows of a Native Provider that would be great.  
> Informix only supply a .Net version which includes Native Windows
> reliance.
> Thanks,
> Glen
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