[Mono-list] Informix and ODBC

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Wed Dec 6 22:09:27 EST 2006

> Yes we are aware of the parameter issue.  At the moment we are not
> using parameters.
> The biggest problem for us at the moment is Unicode characters - one
> character works but as soon as a second is added to a statement it
> generates an exception, and looking at the ODBC code it says it doesn't
> support it :(

Ugh,  the Mono ODBC provider doesn't do so many things....

We are also an Informix/LINUX shop;  currently we are getting by using  
the ODBC driver but it isn't very pretty.

Anyone been able to do anything with BLOBs on Informix via ODBC?

> We cannot run under Windows as our env is Linux, we have been running
> under Mono for several months but now have had to move from Postgres to
> Informix hence the need for ODBC.

I hear DB2 is nice. :)

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