[Mono-list] OT: marketing

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Mon Aug 14 09:59:38 EDT 2006

> I think I will start using colors to represent technologies, a play on
> words on "mono, monochrome", so we could have "cyan", "magenta",  
> "blue",
> "yellow".
> My main concern at this point is whether to choose additive or
> subtractive colors for the naming.

Colors are bad for the blind! ;-)

Maybe just improve the Mono logo a little - it looks more like a  
scary, edgy monster (or an Easter Island Moai) than a sympathetic,  
four-handed shimpanzee or other monkey. Unlike the blogs icon.
The non-Spanish-speaking don't know to expect a monkey, just as there  
is no obvious way to tell why MySQL would be a dolphin or PostgreSQL  
an elephant; besides, internationally, Mono sounds like the opposite  
of stereo and thus unfortunately brings up audio-related search  
results even with stereo excluded...


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