[Mono-list] ".NET 3.0" misnomer

reinux winfx at thefraser.com
Mon Aug 14 01:08:45 EDT 2006

Miguel de Icaza-4 wrote:
>> It is portable enough to be functional - without COM, without WinForms,
>> without EnterpriseServices. You're missing the point here - if any
>> crucial
>> changes are made in 3.5 that rely on 3.0, all subsequent versions will no
>> longer be portable. Also, you've trimmed out a crucial point in my
>> message:
>> the _whole_ of .NET 3.0 is incompatible.
> Do you have any specifics --leaving all punditry aside, please-- or are
> you just pre-emptively freaking out?

You've answered "it's too early to say" to the question of whether or not
you will be implementing WinFX on Mono. Unless the answer to that is "yes",
it doesn't matter whether or not there's any specifics. Why would there be
specifics when the whole thing is a big "maybe"?

There's two components to the problem: the perception and the risk (after
all, that's what a name is about). You wouldn't run around with a pair of
scissors in your hand just because you haven't tripped yet, would you?

.NET isn't stopping at 3.5.

Miguel de Icaza-4 wrote:
>> Of course. Technically it has no effect for now. I spent all this energy
>> knowing that it all boils down to marketing, and better marketing is what
>> I'm arguing for. It's not entirely technical; perceptions can change on
>> the
>> part of Mono devs and users, and worse, they can also change within
>> Microsoft itself. Then it'll really become technical.
> I think I will start using colors to represent technologies, a play on
> words on "mono, monochrome", so we could have "cyan", "magenta", "blue",
> "yellow".
> My main concern at this point is whether to choose additive or
> subtractive colors for the naming.

I'm not dull enough not to notice that you're trying to make a caricature
here but at the same time I don't think I'm sophisticated enough to see your
joke. Could you elaborate on what you're trying to insinuate?
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