[Mono-list] ".NET 3.0" misnomer

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Aug 13 22:38:03 EDT 2006


> It is portable enough to be functional - without COM, without WinForms,
> without EnterpriseServices. You're missing the point here - if any crucial
> changes are made in 3.5 that rely on 3.0, all subsequent versions will no
> longer be portable. Also, you've trimmed out a crucial point in my message:
> the _whole_ of .NET 3.0 is incompatible.

Do you have any specifics --leaving all punditry aside, please-- or are
you just pre-emptively freaking out?

> Of course. Technically it has no effect for now. I spent all this energy
> knowing that it all boils down to marketing, and better marketing is what
> I'm arguing for. It's not entirely technical; perceptions can change on the
> part of Mono devs and users, and worse, they can also change within
> Microsoft itself. Then it'll really become technical.

I think I will start using colors to represent technologies, a play on
words on "mono, monochrome", so we could have "cyan", "magenta", "blue",

My main concern at this point is whether to choose additive or
subtractive colors for the naming.


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