[Mono-list] Re: Duplicate emails from list

Tony G s7oawcn02 at sneakemail.com
Sat Apr 29 16:51:38 EDT 2006

I'm still getting occasional dupes on this list when people send TO the
list and they _also_ CC the list.  I do not get dupes when people just send
TO the list.

I'm on lots of lists like this and I don't see this anywhere else,
including in the mono-docs-list, so I suspect it's the mail list software
being used for mono-list plus some unique setting here.  I would appreciate
it if a list admin would check into this or forward this note to the mail
list authors.

I'll also ask people to only send TO _or_ CC the list, not both.  I use
macros to easily delete dupes before I go through my mail but it's a shame
that I have to write and use a macro just for one list.

Isn't anyone else seeing dupes from this list?  If not, my next test will
be to subscribe under a different address and see if that one gets dupes


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