[Mono-list] Re: Duplicate emails from list

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Sat Apr 29 23:29:34 EDT 2006

Tony G wrote:
> I'm still getting occasional dupes on this list when people send TO the
> list and they _also_ CC the list.  I do not get dupes when people just send
> TO the list.
> I'm on lots of lists like this and I don't see this anywhere else,
> including in the mono-docs-list, so I suspect it's the mail list software
> being used for mono-list plus some unique setting here.  I would appreciate
> it if a list admin would check into this or forward this note to the mail
> list authors.
> I'll also ask people to only send TO _or_ CC the list, not both.  I use
> macros to easily delete dupes before I go through my mail but it's a shame
> that I have to write and use a macro just for one list.
> Isn't anyone else seeing dupes from this list?  If not, my next test will
> be to subscribe under a different address and see if that one gets dupes
> too.

It is technically difficult to agree with you. Can you exactly point
out which mails are sent to both To and Cc to the mailing lists?
If there are such ones, the evidence should lie in the message headers.
As far as I have ever recognized there is none as such. And IF there
are such people who tend to do that, the number I believe is
absolutely small.

(Of course having To for the sender and Cc to the list is not
the case you claimed above. But if you meant it, it is simply
unacceptable as discussed before.)

I'd rather think that either your mail client downloads or your
mail *server* sends the same messages twice. Note that there was
exactly no one who agrees to you that he or she is also receiving
duplicates when you posted the first message on this topic.

Atsushi Eno

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