[Mono-list] Re: Duplicate emails from list

Tony G s7oawcn02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Apr 12 22:13:09 EDT 2006

Thank you for the comments/suggestions.  In response to some:
- I'm certainly not subscribed twice, the headers in mail dupes are exactly
the same.
- Note again that mail being sent to the list by some people has both a TO
and a CC to the list, so the list is getting mail dupes.  This might
explain why the list is simply echoing dupes, but I'd think Message-ID
header would be different from subscriber to list, or list to public, so I
suspect something else is going on.
- Regarding my reference to "stupid forum software".  I apologize if that
ruffles some feathers, but my use of the word "stupid" wasn't flippant or
in anger and was not intended to be impolite.  (I'm very aware of the
concept of netiquette but I also think people need to avoid being overly
sensitive to benign words.)  I meant forum/list software which is
"unintelligent or non-intuitive" in the way it's processing data - I wasn't
insulting the software or its authors.  I've seen many situations where
groups using OSS mail list processors would have the entire membership
change the way they process email (reply-all vs reply), rather than change
the code to do something logical (setting the Reply-To in a more
intelligent manner): I don't reply-all when I'm responding to an individual
so I see no practical reason to reply-all just because I'm responding to a
list agent.  Blaming this on an MUA is silly (probably another inflamatory
word, sheesh), an MUA shouldn't process mail differently based on who is
sending it any more than the user behind an MUA should have to know the
secret handshake for how the list software expects to get responses.  We
should be the master of our tools, not conform to the limitations of the
software we choose.  I'm very surprised that people involved so heavily in
OSS (this forum and many others) so easily accept anomalies like this as
being normal.

All that said. I will follow the link provided on the topic of Reply-All
and go over prior forum postings on the topic.  I will follow the accepted
protocol and won't interrupt the group on this specific topic again.

Because other people are not getting dupes like I am, I'm having a look at
my own mail services.  I started my inquiry with this list since this is
the only list that I'm getting dupes from.

Thanks for your responses.

Robert Jordan robertj-at-gmx.net wrote:
> Tony G wrote:
>> Any idea why I get two of almost every email sent to this forum? 
>> What are people doing differently that sometimes causes only one
>> mail to be generated for some posts and two mails for others?  It
>> looks like people have the habit of sending to
>> mono-list at lists.ximian.com and then also CC
>> mono-list at lists.ximian.com and mono-list-request at lists.ximian.com. 
> Check whether you've been subscribed multiple times.
>> I've also found the need to "reply all" is very irritating, and I
>> suspect this is partially responsible for the above issue.  If I
>> just "reply", mail goes back to the person who posted a note because
>> the mail list sets their address as the reply-to.  If I hit "reply
>> all" then I need to remove the individual before sending, since
>> they're going to get the mail from the list anyway.  Anyone else
>> have a problem with this?  I know some other forums do it the same
>> way, but what a pain.  The problem is stupid forum software that no
>> one wants to change, nothing more or less. 
> It's really hard to let your last sentence uncommented ... Try
> next time to be more polite.
> This is a *mailing list*. It's common sense to configure it this way,
> so try to cope with it. If you cannot, get a MUA that support
> "Reply to list".
> Robert

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