[Mono-list] i am a fresher...

uma sambhu umasambhu at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 00:03:08 EDT 2006

  i had developed a vb.net application developed in windows xp 2002,i want to run it in linux.my linux is red hat linux 9. i used the mono installer mono-1.1.14_1-installer.bin
  i dont know linux.now am trying to run the exe of my software in linux. i cant do it...i cant get any type of window after installing mono.is it work in terminal mode ? what type of commands are used to invoke the exe file? if the execution denotes any exceptions what have to do to debugg? can i see the codes, those i written using windows. or wether i need any other type of compilation?

Redefined Horizons <redefined.horizons at gmail.com> wrote:
  We need some more details before we can help you. You won't typically get a response on a forum like this unless you take some time to explain your situation.
  What do you want to do with Mono? Are you developing software, or are you just trying to run some software? What distribution of Linux are you using? What version of Mono did you install? Are you an experienced Linux user or a rookie? 
  If you give that typ[e of information, someone on this list might be able to help with a more specific request.
  Scott Huey

  On 4/7/06, uma sambhu <umasambhu at yahoo.com> wrote:       hai 
  i am fresher in the world of mono.i had installed mono using installer for linux. then i have no idea of wirking with it...can any one help me????

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