[Mono-list] i am a fresher...

Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at rfo.atmel.com
Mon Apr 10 05:48:39 EDT 2006

Perhaps could you try visiting this site: http://www.mono-project.com/
I don't know Visual.Net support status on Mono, but you can try running 
your application by typing in a console "mono myapp.exe".
Then you will be able to see error messages.


uma sambhu a écrit :

> hai
> i had developed a vb.net application developed in windows xp 2002,i 
> want to run it in linux.my linux is red hat linux 9. i used the mono 
> installer mono-1.1.14_1-installer.bin
> i dont know linux.now am trying to run the exe of my software in 
> linux. i cant do it...i cant get any type of window after installing 
> mono.is it work in terminal mode ? what type of commands are used to 
> invoke the exe file? if the execution denotes any exceptions what have 
> to do to debugg? can i see the codes, those i written using windows. 
> or wether i need any other type of compilation?
> */Redefined Horizons <redefined.horizons at gmail.com>/* wrote:
>     Uma,
>     We need some more details before we can help you. You won't
>     typically get a response on a forum like this unless you take some
>     time to explain your situation.
>     What do you want to do with Mono? Are you developing software, or
>     are you just trying to run some software? What distribution of
>     Linux are you using? What version of Mono did you install? Are you
>     an experienced Linux user or a rookie?
>     If you give that typ[e of information, someone on this list might
>     be able to help with a more specific request.
>     Scott Huey
>     On 4/7/06, *uma sambhu* <umasambhu at yahoo.com
>     <mailto:umasambhu at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>         hai
>         i am fresher in the world of mono.i had installed mono using
>         installer for linux. then i have no idea of wirking with
>         it...can any one help me????
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