[Mono-list] Lost a user?

Bradley, Peter pbradley at uwic.ac.uk
Fri Apr 7 10:32:57 EDT 2006

Hi Gavin,

As you say, very sad.

I'm sorry I missed your original posts, even though I'm not at all in
any position to help.  Has anyone else stepped up to try to help?  It
really would be in Novell's interest to put some resources into this to
try to get an answer in the general - even though it's too late in the

If this has all been aired and I missed it, then my apologies again.



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> Has Mono lost a user?  If so, do we know why?  This is a very busy

<wave> That's us. Please see


> Interestingly, just recently the site has become a lot less stable.
> often fails with a .NET untrapped exception, "Server too busy".

You should've seen it when Mono was hosting... our current problems
pertain solely to DB capacity, and nothing to do with Windows.
> Perhaps some sales suit from Novell ought to pay them a visit.
> Hopefully whilst they still have a problem.

We're many miles past that stage. I'm curious to find the source of the
issue since it affects many other people, but Mono on Laterooms' public
site is a lost cause. Very sad - a wasted media opportunity to get a
(reasonably) high profile user.

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