[Mono-list] How Deploy my custom version of MCS

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Mono C# compiler (mcs) is licensed under GNU GPL not LGPL that you
mentioned. Look at the source code:
Licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL

For the details of the license please read the license.

According to GPL it is allowed to modify it and release the modified version
under GPL without asking for permission. I think however that it isn't
allowed to extend the license of your modified version to LGPL.

If you want to maintain this modified version you should apply patches of
mcs to your code to keep in sync with mcs.

If you would like to publish and maintain this code on Mono SVN servers you
should contact Miguel.


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> Hi,
> I have worked madeing some modications in MCS. With
> this modifications I have added some AOP support to
> C#. For exemple now "my" C# has AFTER, BEFORE,
> POINTCUT, AROUND keyswords.
> I want to deploy it as an open source project. What
> licence I need to folow? LGPL (as MCS)?
> This project will be release with all sources and
> binaries. And I would like to receive contributions
> from community and I woruld like that comercial
> projects fell free to use it.
> What licence should I folow? There is any special
> concerne to deploy it? There is any licence problem
> issue with Mono?
> Thanks in advance,
> Guilherme Labigalini
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