[Mono-list] How Deploy my custom version of MCS

Guilherme Labigalini g_labega at yahoo.com.br
Sat Oct 15 10:05:44 EDT 2005


I have worked madeing some modications in MCS. With
this modifications I have added some AOP support to
C#. For exemple now "my" C# has AFTER, BEFORE,

I want to deploy it as an open source project. What
licence I need to folow? LGPL (as MCS)? 

This project will be release with all sources and
binaries. And I would like to receive contributions
from community and I woruld like that comercial
projects fell free to use it. 

What licence should I folow? There is any special
concerne to deploy it? There is any licence problem
issue with Mono?

Thanks in advance, 

Guilherme Labigalini


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