[Mono-list] Web Services and DIME

Pedro Santos Gómez pedrosantosgomez at yahoo.es
Mon May 30 06:39:34 EDT 2005


> > And in Mono I find that WSE1 at least is mostly
> > implemented, but I don't find the
> > Microsoft.Web.Services anywhere in version 1.1.7.
> In
> > the SVN I can find the code, but I didn't find a
> way
> > to use it.
> WSE1 is mostly unimplemented. There is some code,
> but nothing you can
> really use in an application.

Ooops 0:-) , I misunderstood what says in "Assembly:
Microsoft.Web.Services" in:

> > Is this the only way to transfer files? If it is,
> any
> > help on it?
> I fear there isn't any way other than POST. Well,
> you could also send
> the files as a byte array parameter, but you should
> only do it if the
> files are known to be small.

Thanks then (also thanks to Robert, I'm probably using
your answer).

Anyway, what happens if I send a big file in a byte
array? All what I've read is that it's not too nice
for the XML parser, and that it's not an optimal
solution because it send *much* more information that
it should. I mean, I'm not going to do that, but if I
offer a web method like:

void method(byte [] data);

is it risky in any way for my server if somebody sends
a really big chunk of data (I guess the xml parser is
in my server)? I don't imagine how could I control
that before the petition has been done. 

It's just for curiosity.

Thank you in advance,

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