[Mono-list] Reporting Engine

Willem Semmelink willems at digicore.co.za
Mon May 30 05:34:57 EDT 2005

An off-list reporting project used to be in the works.

I started 2-3 years ago with an off-list reporting project - I tried to deliver 3 dlls, one to be used with Windows.Forms, one with wxControls, and one with  Gtk#. I used compiler directives to determine which version of the DLL should be compiled.

By the time Mono 0.9 was released, I was able to get a few basic classes together for Windows Forms and Gtk#, and I managed to get the basic plumbing running on both Linux and Windows. A preview could be shown on-screen, and it could be printed. The report could be exported to HTML and PDF. The current state of the project is still far from production quality, but I still think the project has some potential. I wanted to have a good working prototype ready before I made it known, but then, personal circumstances led me not touching the probject for about a year, and I got out of touch with new developments on Mono as well.   

With the addition of System.Drawing.Graphics to Gtk#, my code actually requires a total restructure, so that loads of functions that used to be different to the separate platforms, should after a restructure be handled by a reference to a Drawing.Graphics canvas. I still have to find out whether wxControls.DC can be converted to a System.Drawing.Graphics canvas as well, - if not, that may prevent such a restructure.

Anyway - things changed for me, and I dont think I will have time soon to spend on this anymore, so I decided to release the code rather than to have it die on my PC. Anyone that wishes to see/use my code, documentation and a small demo program can download a 760Kb zip file from: 

Anyone wishing to make a Sourceforge for this is welcome - I dont have the time to administer the project, so I never created a Sourceforge project.

Willem Semmelink

--- Harry Holt <harryholt at gmail.com> wrote:
> It appears that no one does (unless they responded
> off-list).  We've
> been using "ActiveReports" from DataDynamics, which
> is a nice .NET
> reporting tool.  We've discovered that it uses some
> native Win32 calls
> (kernel and gdi) for several of the modules
> (extensively for the PDF
> reports, for font rendering, apparently), so we have
> not been able to
> deploy that application to mono (which we must do).
> I have not been able to find anything appropriate
> that will work for
> us, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
> Thx... HH
> On 5/25/05, Farzad Battiwalla <farzadb82 at cox.net>
> wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a good reporting engine for
> Mono ? - I'm
> > looking for something similar to Jasper Reports
> for Java, but on Dot
> > Net. I'd also like it to be cross-platform,
> however, running on Linux is
> > more important.
> > 
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