[Mono-list] Web Services and DIME

Kirk Marple kirk-public at agnostic-media.com
Tue May 31 02:36:09 EDT 2005

Speaking of WSE2, is there a current status on any WSE2 implementations?

I'm only really looking for these namespaces, not the security/encryption

using Microsoft.Web.Services2;
using Microsoft.Web.Services2.Messaging;
using Microsoft.Web.Services2.Addressing;

I have a set of web services (using .NET 2.0 and WSE 2.0 SP3) that I'd like
to bring over to Mono, and want to see if it's going to be possible at any

Are there other web service toolkits that work on Mono for messaging and

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> > And in Mono I find that WSE1 at least is mostly implemented, but I 
> > don't find the Microsoft.Web.Services anywhere in version 1.1.7.
> In
> > the SVN I can find the code, but I didn't find a
> way
> > to use it.
> WSE1 is mostly unimplemented. There is some code, but nothing you can 
> really use in an application.

Ooops 0:-) , I misunderstood what says in "Assembly:
Microsoft.Web.Services" in:

> > Is this the only way to transfer files? If it is,
> any
> > help on it?
> I fear there isn't any way other than POST. Well, you could also send 
> the files as a byte array parameter, but you should only do it if the 
> files are known to be small.

Thanks then (also thanks to Robert, I'm probably using your answer).

Anyway, what happens if I send a big file in a byte array? All what I've
read is that it's not too nice for the XML parser, and that it's not an
optimal solution because it send *much* more information that it should. I
mean, I'm not going to do that, but if I offer a web method like:

void method(byte [] data);

is it risky in any way for my server if somebody sends a really big chunk of
data (I guess the xml parser is in my server)? I don't imagine how could I
control that before the petition has been done. 

It's just for curiosity.

Thank you in advance,

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